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– Dr. R. Todd Krueger, DMD

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Restorative Dentistry

Certified Restorative Dental Care Services in Lincoln Illinois

At Smiles on the Square, we provide restorative dental care to patients in the Lincoln, IL area to give you the smile you’ve always wanted! Our restorative dental services include everything from cavity fillings to crown implants depending on the damage and decay of your teeth. With over 28 years of experience in dentistry, our staff has the expertise to examine and diagnose the proper treatment plan to meet your specific oral needs. Achieve beautiful and healthy teeth with restorative dental care services from Smiles on the Square in Lincoln, IL. To schedule an appointment, call our office today.

restorative dental fillings near central illinois


When it comes to treating your damaged or decaying teeth, fillings are by far the most common solution for both children and adults with cavities or tooth fractures. At Smiles on the Square, we offer easy and affordable filling solutions to treat your damaged teeth and restore the overall appearance of your smile. Not only do dental fillings help restore the strength and health of your teeth, but they prevent further decay to give you a clean and healthy smile that you deserve. To schedule an appointment to have your teeth examined and filled by our expert dentists, call our office today!


A dental crown, otherwise known as a cap, is another common solution to restore the function and health of your damaged, diseased, or decaying teeth. Just like all of our oral treatments, crowns are customized to fit the shape of your teeth to prevent any further damage from happening in the future. While crowns are not permanent, they are designed to be a long-term solution to improve your oral health. Schedule an appointment today to have your teeth examined by Dr. R. Todd Krueger to determine if a crown is the best solution for you.

dental implant crowns in central illinois

Implant Crowns

Implant crowns are similar to cap crowns in that both are prosthetics made to restore the harm done from a cavity. However, implant crowns are permanent and meant to replace an entire tooth, rather than cover the cavity with a plastic cap. Implant crowns are also done using a more intense procedure involving dental cement, a screw, or a combination of both materials. This process is recommended when the state of your decaying tooth and overall oral hygiene are at risk. Our dental experts will inform you if they believe an implant is a proper solution for your unique case.